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On Farm Demonstration & Research Projects

We are able to conduct on farm demonstration and research projects to showcase practices and collect data and information about our area through collaboration with other agencies, organizations, and farms that have shared interest and common goal. Here are a few projects we are working on and involved in:


We will begin working on demonstration trials on two fields at the Sauk County Farm in spring of 2023. The focus of the demonstration plots will be to demonstrate ways to integrate cover crops into different rotations and monitor the impact of the various treatments applied by

working with the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Department, UW Extension, and other community partners.

Four famers from SSWIG are working with the Sand County Foundation and UW Madison Agroecology Department on a three year project to demonstration and better understand the conservation and economic benefits of rotationally grazing cover crops.


"Soiled Your Undies" 

The "Soiled Your Undies Challenge has been created to bring awareness to soil health for farmers and residents. Several SSWIG members volunteer to "plant" some cotton underwear in their fields, pastures, forests, prairies, and lawns. The undies are buried underground for about 30 days. The organisms in the soil work to break down the cotton in the underwear during this time. The more broken down, and less fabric remaining at "harvest", the better as this indicates greater soil organism activity. 

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