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Our Mission & Vision


Improving soil health and water quality through regenerative agricultural practices and education to build resilient family farms and thriving rural communities.


Healthy soils, clean waters, and thriving rural communities supported by resilient family farms.



The Sauk Soil & Water Improvement Group (SSWIG) is a producer-led watershed protection group. SSWIG began in 2019, when area farmers came together with the Sauk County Land Resources and Environment Department and UW Madison Division of Extension staff to discuss ways to collaboratively help and support area farmers. Through this, SSWIG was formed and a network of farmers and partners that support SSWIG was created.

Where We Work

We operate across much of Sauk County and cover four HUC 10 Watersheds including:

  • Narrows Creek-Baraboo River 

  • Otter Creek-Wisconsin River

  • Honey Creek

  • Devil's Lake-Baraboo River

We are able to provide incentive payments, or cost share, for any acres that are located within our focus watersheds. 

Participation in the group, including membership and attending events or meetings, is not limited by the watershed boundaries.

All are welcome to be a part of SSWIG and be a part of the conversation.

SSWIG Watersheds_Map_2022.jpg

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